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NEW COIN: The Magic is in the Hunt


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The Magic is in the Hunt is the newest offering from PHDCoins.ca. This coin is 50mm in diameter and 4mm thick. It features multiple layers of intricate design and interwoven rings on the front and back.


The phrase "The Magic is in the Hunt" speaks of the joy of every journey that leads to a discovery. Another way of expressing this is "Getting there is half the fun." Whether it is the search for that difficulty five geocache or a journey of self-discovery, it is that journey that makes the destination more meaningful.


There are six planned editions.




"The Sorcerer"

Antique Silver with teal and red



"The Summoner"

Antique Bronze with reds and black



"The Illusionist"

Antique Copper with greens



"The Warlock"

Satin Gold with blues and silver glitter



"The Enchantress"

Chrome with surf green ('57 Bel-Air edition)



"The Necromancer"

Black Nickel with purples


The pre-sale will begin later in September and will be announced here when dates are firmed up.


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Hey Chuck. Any chance you will be doing another run of these coins? I would like to complete the set and I am missing the Warlock (blue) and Necromancer(purple). If you were going to have another run made I would be good for a set or two of all of them. If not, if there is someone here that has multiples of the two I mentioned and would be willing to part with them, I would be interested.


Thank you to all, Dave

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