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Really Stunning Caches

chubby forest monkey

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I would like to recommend some caches to all you geo-adventurers. I just went on a trip to Central Oregon and did the Squaw Creek cache, Camp Krummolz cache and the Hole of Inaccesibility bonus cache(which has its own CD). These gems are located in the Crooked River National Grasslands. It was just absolutely gorgeous there. I was surprised at how few have done these caches. With the cool weather approaching, the fall is a great time to do these high desert rambles. The area closes Dec 1st.CAmp Krummholz

Squaw Creek

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We just did krumholz and the hole last week and it truly is a high desert adventure. Squaw Creek is also on our list of finds although Moondog3 might have to change the name now that the new anti-"squaw word" legislation has passed. There are many other wonderful caches in the Nat'l Grasslands including "A Farewell to Joy", "David's Haystack Hideout", Corral", "Orchard", and "Ring Around the Rimrocks". It's a great place to be a cacher!! The rain seldom falls here and our only regret will be seeing the snow begin to fall on our favorite mountain caches.

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