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Update on Geocaching Mobile Plans

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Today we've shared some updates in the Geocaching Blog about the free Geocaching® app and Geocaching Classic app.


We know geocachers are passionate about these apps, so we want to keep you up-to-date about the development of the free Geocaching® app and the eventual retirement of the Geocaching Classic app.


Among the main points of the blog post:


  • We originally planned to shut off the Geocaching Classic app in September. However, since the Geocaching® app is missing some of the most requested features, the Classic app will function into next year.
  • What are those features? Offline and trail maps, additional log types, draft logs and Favorite Points. We are working to complete these features in the Geocaching® app by March 2017. Until we get there, the Geocaching Classic app should continue to function.
  • We can't make updates or bug fixes to the Geocaching Classic app, since it's no longer available in Google Play and Apple's App Store.

You can read the full blog post via this link!

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