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New Pocket Queries not running

Blue Meanie
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None of my new pocket queries run. If I run an old query, it's fine. Unless I modify it. Once modified, an old pocket query does not run.


One of ten did not run for me on Sept3. 1 of 10 did not run on Sept 4.


9 seem to be running.

Same here, I have four that are supposed to run, one of them did not.

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I had two weekly PQs not run on Saturday, although the rest of my normal Saturday runs did. I moved to my second account and checked them to run today (Sunday). That was over two hours ago and neither of them have run.


Edit to note that those two had last run on my second account in 2014.

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If I may offer another observation.


All of my scheduled PQs ran smoothly over the weekend. Granted I only had 3 run on Saturday, but all 3 ran. I then created a brand new test PQ to see if it was a problem with new queries. It ran. So if there is a problem, and I'm not saying there isn't one, it's not system-wide and is affecting individual users differently.

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I'm also having issues today. Three of 9 ran OK but the rest are still showing as queued after four hours.


After reading some replies above, I also tried editing one of them and resubmitting it. No difference, it is still queued 30 minutes later.


As things go, this is a minor issue but it feels so disconcerting to not have the latest cache info before I head out tomorrow... :P

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