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Hi All


I have been Geocaching for a number of years and am just venturing into the world of trackables.


So, I have purchased a trackable that I plan to activate and then take on a forthcoming trip to Yorkshire. My idea is to visit a number of caches on a walk I am doing and place my trackable in a suitable cache to start it's journey round the UK.


Only issue is that I am not sure how to do this. I know to register the trackable online so I become the owner - if I then place it in a cache do I then need to log the fact that it is now "in the field" in a cache? It may well be that as I place the trackable I will not have any signal to be able to log the fact. I may only be able to log the fact later in the day. What happens if someone finds and removes the trackable before I even log it as in a certain cache?


Any advice gratefully received.


Many thanks



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Hopefully the person who may stumble on it before you log takes it home to log, or at least looks to find your possible issue. :)

Most times they'll wait a day or so.


Once you activate your trackable it's in play.

You simply drop it in the cache you're leaving it in.


Ever get bored, here's everything you ever needed to know about trackables.


Good luck. :)

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