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Best caches in Barcelona


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Hi! The best Barcelona caches are from users "jordimeep" and "jimmybcn". Jordimeep have good caches if you take underground in the station "L3 Maria Cristina" and Jimmybcn have good caches if you take underground in the station "L3 Vallcarca". Another good caches is GC6J3Y4 and GC5CD9R. Another good brico-cache is GC5PEG8. And a very interesting and funny earthcache is GC4QQCW


If you want do an interesting place like a tourist you can do GC3F27 and visit Park Güell, is very beautiful, but take more information in the web because you must take reservation previously (but a lot of cache no need pay entrance). Another interesting tourist places: GC379KA , GC62HMW and GC3AWKZ


In airport you have a good serie called BAV GC510ZP


If you like night-cache you can take train of Renfe to "Montcada i Reixac - Santa Maria" and do GC505NB


If you rent a car you can go to Santa Perpetua de la Moguda and do the caches from the user "santa pepa team" or to Rubi and do the caches from the user "enkai19". Another good caches the serie is "geovallesans" GC5DCTN


If you like xtrem-experiencie you must do the 6 caches from the serie: GC5NZWX

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