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Where is oregone and Lauren cat?


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You forgot to add the option:

"Got stuck, scratched and all turned around on a Peanuthead cache!"


Just kidding!


They went home already? What? We'll be in Cave Junction tomorrow, I thought maybe they'd say the word and we'd make the trip to KF for pizza... oh well.


I tried to talk them into Wild River pizza... and brewery! No takers? *sniff*


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It's not whether or not you pick your nose that matters, but where you put the booger...

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Originally posted by The GeoGadgets Team:

...I tried to talk them into Wild River pizza... and brewery! No takers? *sniff*


Are you talking about the Wild River Pizza in G.P.?? Love their pizza. If so, I am heading down that direction to check up on the hometown and its level of "cachiness". Wont be for a month or so, and maybe head to Cresent City to check out my old stomping grounds there for caches also.


Its as BAD as you think, and they ARE out to get you..

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Maybe one of those extra large Klamath Falls nutria got ahold of LC and Oregone fell victim trying to release her from it's jaws.


on a side note...


We'll be in Cave Junction tomorrow


I'll be there (Cave Junction/O'Brien) in a month or so wheelin' the CJ on the McGrew Trail.



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Hey all- we decided to camp at Topsy last night and didn't have internet. Where's the wireless network in the forest? It was fun and we hid a cache for you guys, it should be posted soon.


Oregone is currently bleeding all over the Motel 6 bathroom because he cut himself slicing some tillamook cheese.


We would both love to see you all. Let us know if you want to do pizza tonight or tomorrow.

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Mia and Pia's @ 6:00....it's a pizza date.

I think I called most of the gang if not they'll see it here. We couldn't take Explosis to Mia and Pia's because we were afraid he'd start liking it here and want to stay. I'm sure the gang up north understands our problem.

Neutria in Klamath? The badgers et 'em all, ain't got none. icon_razz.gif

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So it's set! 6pm on monday at miapia's! We won six bucks on lottery at the keno store so the beer's on us. that is, the first six bucks of beer is on us. can't wait to meet y'all. of course, i gotta stop saying 'y'all.' it's making me sound silly.

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We're trying to take good care of the city folks way out here in the country. Me and the other locals showed 'em our beer place. Feel better Lazyboy? My english is as bad as yours and everybit as intentional. Oregone and Lauren seem to be none the worse for wear although I do think they've figured out all the caches aren't laying in ditches and a CXR isn't the ideal caching vehicle for Klamath. Who's going to be next to visit? icon_confused.gif

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I was good at grammer when I lived in CA. Moved to oregon, drank some water and now I'm dun in.


Oregone appeared nearly normal which shocked the heck out of me. He is kicking Klamaths butt though, they are managing to find 3 or 4 caches I day I hear. Although they have to give credit to those maids that chase them out of the motel room at noon each day.


Now LaurenCat, when you get to Butte Falls, only drink bottled water or soft drinks. You seem to be a bright young lady. Taking a chance on tap water in town at your age will do irrepairable damage.


Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

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