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Bring Geocoins back on there mission (by trading ...)


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Hi everybody,


I have removed a geocoin from a Cach in Iceland which was not activated by that time so I could not read its mission.

Some days later it was activated.

Its mission was to travel around Iceland until 2017. Unfortunately I took it back to Germany (where its origin was).

Now I am looking for a Geocacher who will travel to Iceland in the next time and could take the geocoin with to bring it back on its mission.

Would be great if a geocacher around Berlin could do this.

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Why not simply put it back into play (placing it in a cache), to hopefully get back to Iceland?

It's not like it was any fault of yours (activated while in possession), so I guess I don't understand why you feel the need to make travel arrangements for another's property. :)

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I would also suggest that you just place it in a cache where you are. We have dropped geocoins in many States that have the goal of staying in that State meeting cachers and seeing the sights, many, many of them are now in different States some even different Countrys. Once in a while they get back to where they were supposed to be sometimes they just keep wandering.

As long as it keeps moving I'm sure the owner will be happy with that.

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