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I found my first cache 2 years ago (7/10/01)


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Posting this a day early because who know what will be going on tomorrow icon_wink.gif


I'm heading down to Maya's tomorrow evening at 7pm to have some drinks with my fellow Geocachers and celibrate 2 years of finding and hiding caches. It's been a great year, so come have a drink and celibrate it with me if you can icon_smile.gif





N 45* 30.ish

W 122* 58.ish

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I also wrote up a little something...




Wow… 2 years have gone by since I found my first cache! That first year of caching was great (search the forums for my “One year” post), and my second year couldn’t have been better icon_smile.gif


Like I’ve mentioned before, and others have mentioned to me, getting outdoors and going Geocaching is great fun, but the thing that makes it truly wonderful are the great people in our area. The game just wouldn’t be the same to me without the people I’ve gotten to know these last couple of years…


Last year, I did a BIG post thanking everyone I met over the year… This year, I’m just gunna do the highlights, and say some things about a few folks…


Oregone: Good times these last 365 days, and I think that sharing the knowing glance at the Rogue was the peak… Either that, or OREGONE RULEZZ!


LaurenCat: Dr. I thanks you for playing along with his little game… And I thank you for just being you icon_wink.gif I sorta missed my Champoeg dance this year.. But that’s ok.. It was still fun! Let’s drink and be happy again!


Slinger91 & Bubble_Luscious: You two are really great, and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you better over this last year. I wish you both the best... Slinger, your Half Moon cache is quite simply the best cache ever. Thanks for sharing it… Also, I will never forget your CSI event… I still laugh every time I think about it… heheheh


Bellemanda: Crème brulee anytime icon_wink.gif


Tungsten Jihad!: Thanks for…well.. a lot of things.. I think I owe you about 20 beers, another beer for helping me re-hide Contact, another for doing a ton of driving, and another for who knows what… I swear, I’ll get ya back over this next year icon_wink.gif I need to find another silver dollar… You know where one might be?


Bodoni: First, let me just say that your car rocks! Next, the Hot Track idea was great! Thanks for all the good times this past year… I now actually like getting out that direction and hanging out at great pubs! You and Jenny are great folks icon_smile.gif


GeoNap: Looking forward to teaming up on some cache projects this year… It was great meeting you and GeoDiva! See.. I told you this game was fun icon_wink.gif Now if I can just get my hands on one of those coins…


Sassquatch: Like I just said above… See! I told you this game was fun! icon_wink.gif Glad you finally got into it, man… It’s good to hang out with you again...


My Sister: Go Hawks! Looking forward to catching some games again this year… I’ll see ya there icon_wink.gif Seriously... Let's do some caching this year... heh


Makaio: Sorry to hear that you’ll be leaving the area… My best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for everything icon_wink.gif


Kiwimonster: Quite simply, you folks are two of the greatest minds I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’m really looking forward to working with you after your vacation. The cachers in our area should be scared to imagine the puzzles that will be created when we put our minds together icon_wink.gif Also.. Thank you for the wonderful comments you both have given me… It’s an honor…


Logscaler: Thanks for being such a big part of the Oregon History Lesson series of caches! Even though it’s on my back burner (again), I know that we will get some sort of cache at all of those beaver boards. It’s great getting people out to learn about our great state of Oregon…


Navdog: I’m finally starting to find your caches, and so far it’s great! Your photos are wonderful, and the locations you choose for your caches are some of the most interesting and beautiful places around. Thank you…


Team Joyson: Another great two-some in our area icon_smile.gif Thanks for teaming up with me on the pyramid puzzle… It was really nice to go hunt a cache with you two! Good luck with the BCM icon_wink.gif


Flir~Girl: You and PonyRacer are great folks to hang out with.. How weird is it that we know someone in common? Glad I met you, and I hope to see more of you this year…


Family of Foxes: Jay… Glad your arm is better… And remember, you look better without hair icon_wink.gif Amy… I’ll try not to smack your *** this year icon_wink.gif And.. If you have any more kids, try not to name them after porn stars icon_wink.gif Great meeting you guys at Champoeg… Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


The Merry Twinksters: I’ve never met you or emailed you, but your Pipeline cache is one of the greatest caches I’ve ever done. I’ve been back to that place 2 times since I first found it. Thank you so much for sharing that place with all of us.


And of course.. there’s always room for Soup…


Soup: You are totally nuts, and that’s awesome! You are also one of the most creative people I’ve ever met… Teaming up with you and doing Broken Arrow was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. If either one of us had decided to team up with someone else, it would not have been the event that it was….and it was great! I’m glad I got to know you more this last year, and I can’t wait for us to get started on our future projects…Geocaching and otherwise icon_wink.gif


I know this list is MUCH shorter than the one I made last year, but it is in no way complete, either… There are SO many great people that play our game, I would probably be here for another year writing about them… The Grandparents, PDXMarathon man and CrashNBurnGirl, Shinwa, Maps-R-Us, Bazzle, Seth!, Trafcon, DenaliNW, Dasein, Armando & Co, Igor71, Quantum Mechanic… There’s just too many people to list!


I really want to thank everyone that have put forth the effort and found my caches. Creating something, and then hearing how much people like it really makes me happy, and gives me the motivation to keep going…not only in Geocaching. When I saw everyone come together for Broken Arrow, it was a real eye opener. You can’t imagine the rush, and the feeling of joy that came over me during that whole event. To see all those people, and to know that they were all gathered there to play out an experiment that was worked up in the minds of Soup and I, was just incredible.

Doing The Game was also a fun experience… Looking forward to Game2, but I’m a little afraid that it won’t live up to the first one… I’ll give it my best shot though…


So what’s in store for the next 365 days? I’m not 100% sure… My life is quite a bit different now than it was a year ago.. What a difference a year can make…

A few things for sure though:

-Soup and I will be putting on one hell of a Halloween event… As for Champoeg `04… We’re working on it!

-Teaming up with GeoNap for a great series of caches

-Teaming up with Kiwimonster for what I hope will be one of the greatest puzzle caches ever

-Continue the Magnetic Microcache series

-Work on a few ideas that didn’t happen last year


To anyone that hasn’t come out to an event to meet other Geocachers, you really should! There’s a LOT of great people out here that you have a common interest with. And even though it’s Geocaching that brings us together, it’s everything else that keeps us coming back together. Come on out and shake the hands, and see the faces of all the wonderful people in the Portland area Geocaching community. Your life will be better if you do… Mine is icon_wink.gif


Thank you, everyone, for a great year 2!


Feed your head!





N 45* 30.ish

W 122* 58.ish

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Gary, it has been a real pleasure and a privilege to get to know you a bit more this year. We just passed our one year anniversary and are looking forward to many more great ones to come in the geocaching community. It is great to know people like you and all those you have mentioned, we are together a bunch of different people but a really fun group to be around.


Looking forward to many more years of associations and people and really scared about you and the Kiwimonsters getting together to make world stopping puzzle caches icon_wink.gif.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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We made the list!!!


I remember last years list. You came out w/ your 1 year post only a couple weeks after we started finding caches. I remember thinking it was really cool how you acknowledged so many people. Didn't realize then we'd be on your list for this year. Thank you! Congratulations on another year, several more amazing hides, and a truely entertaining event. We'll look forward to meeting up with you again soon.


"And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination."

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Congratulations, fractal, on reaching two years!


And thank you very much for your kind words! Your caches have really inspired us, and we're honored to be named in the same sentence as you when unique or satisfying or quality puzzle caches are mentioned!


We're looking forward to collaborating as fellow cachers, and also to continuing to get to know you and others in the caching community.


-- Marla, Jeff, and Kiwi



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Congratulations fractal. icon_smile.gif I hope you continue to raise the bar on what geocaching can be.


I just passed my two year anniversary last month also. First cache find was Grizzly Mtn. by the Wit Camp crew. True to the moondog3 style, our first hide, The Potholes, was out in the middle of nowhere. I would be embarrassed to admit what the original container was, but lets just say we have grown quite a bit since then. icon_wink.gif


I am looking forward to geocaching leading me to new and interesting places for many more years.



The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup

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Congratulations Fractal!!! I'm still amazed about that little connection, and then to learn just the other day about Project A.P.E. (I've not met anyone else who know about that either).


PonyRacer and I have enjoyed our visits with you both on- and off-line. I'm still taking your name in vain for showing me that crazy addictive little puzzle. And I'll never look at jerky the same again. LOL. Here's to many more years for you in this crazy, insane little sport we all affectionately refer to as GeoCaching (raises her shot of tequila). Slam! icon_razz.gif


Now if you'll excuse me, I have a forest fire that's requested my attention. Laterz.



P.S. I'll be around the Link Fire (Sister's Area) with my RINO (Channel 2....if anyone wanders over that way). icon_cool.gif


[This message was edited by flir~girl (Team WYSIWYG) on July 10, 2003 at 09:01 AM.]

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P.S. I'll be around the Link Fire (Sister's Area) with my RINO (Channel 2....if anyone wanders over that way). icon_cool.gif


Fractal, congrats on your 2 year mark. Keep them coming. Whens the next magnetic cache going to appear? Waiting with much anticipation.



Off topic: flir~girl (Team WYSIWYG), Its been 10 years since I worked on the fire crews over in the Ochoco's, for some reason I still miss the smoke, the ash, the dirt, the heat, the lack of sleep, the . . . . Is it still as miserable as I remember? I would not trade those years on the crews for anything. Work safe.

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Congratulations on 2 years Fractal... I have only been caching for a short time, but I have quickly come to consider you a good friend. It's people like you that make me very happy I discovered this little game. icon_smile.gif


I also have met many of the people that you listed in your post, and feel honored to be mentioned with such truly awesome people. Thanks to each of you as well, for welcoming me so warmly.


Cache on buddy...

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Originally posted by fractal:


Oregone: Good times these last 365 days, and I think that sharing the knowing glance at the Rogue was the peak… Either that, or OREGONE RULEZZ!



Hey fractal, i don't think that i'd be over-exaggerating when i say that geocaching itself should be celebrating your two-year anniversary.


The Contact Cache, The Game, and Elegia should pretty much put you in the geocaching.com hall of fame.


But you're right: The best parts have been the people. From the human sudial to the calamari, from the the CEO to the Dairy Queen sign to the hippie bar to the fountain-peeing to that understanding half-glance at the Rogue, you've made an indelible mark--on me and the geocaching community [idahogirl-)].


I haven't been doing this as long as you have, but i can honestly say that you're the reason i get the words 'geocaching' and 'cassidys' mixed up as often as i do.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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Originally posted by fractal:

Soup: You are totally nuts, and that’s awesome! I’m glad I got to know you more this last year, and I can’t wait for us to get started on our future projects…Geocaching and otherwise icon_wink.gif


It really has been a GREAT year. Getting to know you, and working together has been a real highlight for me. Just knowing that some of our crazy ideas actually work.. Awesome! I also have met many more cool cachers out there, and hope to continue that trend.


I do look forward to your 3rd year (my 3.5) and the continuation of the plans. I am sure the arrest warrents have already been issued. -C

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