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New Entrant city of Fort Lauderdale Fl

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Good day all, My name is Jorg I am the Chief Service Officer with the Neighbor Volunteer Office of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I came across geocaching and wanted to say what a wonderful multi faceted tool it is. The city of Fort Lauderdale is very interested in using geocaching to help with our volunteer clean up initiative. we currently have a method we use but that required us manually looking for volunteers we would like to take advantage of using technology to enhance that and we would be organizing our first C.I.T.O. event on 9/10/2016. Any advice that we could get to make sure our first attempt using geocaching C.I,T.O. is as smooth as possible from this very well experienced community would be great.

The city would like to thank you for you time and service

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I believe you're running pretty-close for a CITO event here.

That minimum two-weeks prior notice thing...

Hopefully you already have the basics in for review.


I like it when the towns/cities themselves get involved in this odd hobby.

Hopefully you plan on placing caches too, and not simply looking at this as free labor. :)


Supply gloves, bags, water (and maybe some hot dogs), and it's gooood.


I've had issues in the past with "excessively orderly" park & rec folks who require too much information from their volunteer "help".

- One, we even had to produce our drivers license. I went home.

There's no reason to require more information from one helping you, than a casual visitor who's simply walking a trail, picks up a can, and puts it in the trash.

A person attending a CITO should be able to simply sign their geocaching name in the "log" and go pick up stuff. :)

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Thank you Guardin the Gates for the support and yes the city of fort lauderdale is Certainly trying to be a 21st century city and recognize that technology is a path the we embrace. We also do our best to supply all the needed materials when we have an event that facilitates the speedy completion of our events Including the donuts :D


We Certainly encourage our volunteers to share a way for us to communicate upcoming events and programs with them in future should they choose but that is optional.Although some specific events might need some more information on a volunteer but that is due to the nature of what needs to get done and there are volunteer already vetted for such events.


The trash bags and gloves is supplied and our first event will be on fort lauderdale beach, we like to keep it looking as pristine as we can for people to come and enjoy.We hope to see you there if you leave in south florida.


And thanks for the advice

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It's a great idea to host a CITO for your community. I hope it's successful!


You will get the BEST turnout if you plan the events to coincide with our souvenir weeks. We have a souvenir week coming up in September - September 17 – 25, 2016. Geocachers seek events because they can earn a digital souvenir for their account.


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