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Any Cachers living Ushuaia Argentina


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I will be arriving in Ushuaia via cruise ship in the latter part of october. I would like to place a cache there and was wondering if someone would like to partner up for it. It will be big enough for Trackables. Let me know if someone is interested. I'm from the U.S. and work for a cruise line.



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An Event would be the best solution...

I'm new to all of this. So how will an event help with someone in Ushuaia to partner with to maintain a cache that I drop off there.

Assuming you're familiar with the guidelines on Vacation Caches...


Sounds (to me) that RuideAlmeida is hinting that if you want to place a vacation cache, expecting a local to maintain it for you, maybe it'd be a good idea all-around to hold an event while there (fit within that 2 week minimum notice).


That way, folks can actually meet you (since you're placing a burden on them) to decide if they'd like to help, and you might be able to tell if someone there will actually maintain it, or have it end up just another piece of geotrash at a vacation spot. :)

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So how will an event help with someone in Ushuaia to partner with to maintain a cache that I drop off there.


You are asking two things in one...


First, "Any geocachers living in Ushuaia"

Since it is very rare to see new messages in this forum, your best chance to reach to some geocachers there would be thru an Event... maybe you would have some Will Attends.

Most people don't log WAs, but they can Attend even so.


Once you are there, at your Event venue, let's hope that somebody pops up... and you can present your proposal then.


Please bear in mind all the good advices from Cerberus1. Vacation caches are a no-no.

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Ok that makes sense. Let me add something, I'm not actually doing a vacation cache, so to speak. I work for a major cruise line that calls on Ushuaia as a port of call. We will dock there every week or so from October until April of the next year. So I will be watching and maintaining it for that long. I was just wondering if some would take over until i come back the following October to April. But no biggy if you think it would be a burden. I just thought it would be cool to put one at the bottom of the world. I guess i'll try it near my house. Thanks for the advice.

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