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[FEATURE/SIMPLIFICATION] Allow one notification to cover all cache types

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Current situation:

When creating a notification rule, you can only have one cachetype in each rule.

So if you want to be notified for all cahe-types in a certain area, you need to setup 19 (!) notification rules.

If you have 4 or 5 areas for which you want notifications, you need to setup (and maintain almost one hundred rules).




Suggested improvement:

Add a "All cachetypes" option to the drawdown. This way you can setup 1 notification rule to be alerted on all cache types.





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I sorta agree.

There's a "check" box to the left of each cache type, that says "enabled subscriptions are checked".

When we first noticed notifications, I thought one was to simply check each cache type you wanted notifications on, type in your coordinates, and done.

Just entered new coordinates a few days ago. Took about ten minutes.

Maybe if there are multiple locations it becomes an issue.

I wouldn't want a default of all cache types, but a check-it-and-done would be nice.


Off-topic, but curious...

Is there any reason to still have the locationless and lost and found cache types on notifications ?

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Thanks Frinklabs, that's even better. I also just remembered that the the suggestion is indeed also for "log type to watch".

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