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PDXArea: Suggest a cache

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Hi all, I'm going to introduce my parents to geocaching this weekend and I'm looking for a good cache to break them in on. I'm thinking something in a park setting with a bit of hiking involved, possibly a multi-cache. Something like 'wild arboretum' would be good.


Any suggetions?



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It doesn't NEED to be a multi-cache, I was just thinking that a multi would give us a chance to stretch our legs more. A traditional cache with about a mile or so of walking would be good too. Specifically what I'm looking for is:

1)A bit of good healthy walking

2)A nice setting

3)Not too crowded (I don't mind crowds, just makes it harder to be discrete)

4)Not too far from the beaverton area. I wouldn't be opposed to something in forest park, tigard, tualatin, west slope, hillsboro, or anything around there.


Thanks again!



Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

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Most of the Tigard area multi's are fun... Tigard vs. Dolan, Does a Bear Sit in the Woods, and Metzger park all take a fair amount of wandering without too much difficulty. I'm pretty sure you've already found most of these, so you should be familiar with what I'm talking about. 4 parks, or 3 more parks is more driving than walking, but gets you around to see some sights. If you like driving yourself nuts looking for micro's, Curiously strong took us the better part of a lunch hour. Is that enough of my opinion for you? You've found enough around here to know which ones you liked, or left a memroable impression. I hope they enjoy it as much as we have.




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