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Geocoins for sale

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I have a large collection of geocoins, they are activated but as I look at them now I think what a waste. They should be with someone who is collecting and enjoying geocoins so I am offering 10 activated geocoins, my grandsons will choose them, for $55.00 which will include shipping. I am having my grandsons choose them because they are in a lot of binders and it would be to time consumer to try and find the ones someone wants. I am offering them for the US right now so I can track the shipment. If you know someone in the US that wants to buy them for you and ship them when they get them, that would be all right. You may get extra coins, or you may get a mystery coin, my grandsons will pick them out. I will adopt them over to the new owner. If interested contact me through my profile. I will ship them when payment is received in paypal.

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