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need a geocacher tomorrow morning


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I have a full day of caching planned for tomorrow and the buddy I was going to go with flaked on me. I will be leaving Gresham area at 7 am sharp and will be winding up through the Gorge, hitting allot of caches on the way up there. I will be stopping to do maintenance on 2 caches and placing one new one in the mosier area. Route will go along the Hwy 30 in Mosier till it connects back to I-84...will continue west from there back towards Hood River, cross over onto the Washington side, go east to hit a few, then go back West and travel down the Washington side and ending the day in Camas at the Cottonwood Beach cache. Total of 28 planned for the day...wont be back until problably after dark, and will end the day at Mcmenamins Edgefield.


Hardest one of the day will be Mitchell Point.

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Hey Syn, Stop by and pick me up. icon_smile.gif


After we head down to Silver Lake, cut another 10/12 20 foot Juniper post, get them deck to dry, cut two cord of firewood and get it stuffed into the woodshed, I will be ready to go. icon_biggrin.gif


But if your only going to start at 7:00am, I guess I will have to get started without you. icon_frown.gif


By that time, I will have driven to Silver lake and have 6 - 8 post trees fell and limbed. icon_razz.gif


You could help load them on the trailer. icon_biggrin.gif





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Well any time a brush monkey - babit baby wants to go caching with me, I will make room. Before the haulback nailed me and I kinda had my body parts rearranged, I pulled rigging and set snares for a living on the wet side. It has been a while since I pulled a snare for a living but I was dragging one the last couple days after poles. Hell, I was even pulling haywire to drag with. But not uphill.


I know most of that is over a lot of your heads but so be it.



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