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Odd website behavior

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Noticing a couple bugs, in both Firefox and Edge. I haven't tried Chrome.


Personal Cache Note: Unable to edit this section. I tried editing an existing note and then tried editing another cache that didn't already have an existing note. Clicking in that section doesn't change it to edit mode. This was with Mystery caches.


Logout: I thought I'd log out and then back in. When I click on "Sign Out", then I get directed to a blank page: https://www.geocaching.com/account/logout When I go back to the main page (geocaching.com) then I'm still logged in.


I'm not sure what else isn't working, but it seems something has recently gone wrong.

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Okay, more bugs:


Play -> View Geocache Map and Map Search Results: Takes me to a "500 Server Error" page (https://www.geocaching.com/error/500.htm?aspxerrorpath=/map/default.aspx). I can view search results in the list format, but cannot map the resulting caches.


Corrected Coordinates: Clicking on the 'pencil' icon has no effect. Caches where I have already entered corrected coordinates do show the corrected coords, but they are italicized.


Not sure what other bugs are out there, but hopefully they won't persist too long.

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There are many other strange bugs:

- While on my profile page or a cache page, the "menu" links at the top ("Learn", "Play", "Community", "Shop") don't work as drop-down menus. Instead, a click leads directly to one of the pages. It works on the www.geocaching.com "main" page, though.

- On a cache page, the list of logs is empty.

- When I log out and try to log back in, I get a blank page.


{ Update: And now, 10 minutes later, everything is back to normal. Go figure ... :rolleyes: }


{ Update #2: Apparently depends on the specific server from which you get the reply. E.g. WEB03 and WEB05 work, WEB08 doesn't. }

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Message center is completely FUBAR. Can only see the first message for any conversation. For a while, it just told me my (completely up-to-date) Firefox browser was not supported.


Broken same way with Webkit and Chrome.


Please fix it.

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I am also experiencing multiple intermittent problems with the website since this morning.

The only thing that doesn't seem to be intermittent is the message centre -- it is constantly messed up and I cannot read my latest messages.

Anyway, just thought I'd pipe in here. Thanks for looking into it. I'm planning a trip today for tomorrow and I'm eager to have things working.

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My messages are all messed up as well, both in the application and on the web page. The app is saying I have no messages, and through the web page I can only see some of the messages, but most are missing??? Please look into this, as messages are very important for us to communicate with the cache owners if we have an issue. Thanks!

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