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Speaking of Trash Out...Caches listed as "Currently Unavailable"

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In th' spirit o' Trash ou'...how 'bouts thems with "old" currently unavailable caches harchive them...it's 10% of the space on my nearest.

You can re-activate an archived cache with an email, so it's not like you lose it forever, but really...if it's not reactivated within 3 months...ok 6 months.

Maybe if the Trash is out, someone else will put a cache in!!


Just my eighth of a doubloon worth!


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

;) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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I agree that there is no function to tell when is too long, just that there are quite a few around here like:

This one...


Last found...March 17, 2002!


Since an email to admin will bring the cache back online, it seems courteous to archive them if it's too long between going inactive and today!


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

<Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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Cap'N - that cache was only online for 3 months and has been offline for 15 months. I would suggest 1 of 2 (or both) things. Make a this cache shouldbe archived posting on the cache page with an explanation like what I just wrote. Or email the owner with the request. The cache note emails them and the admins.

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Yeah, I can already feel the heat. My Whhistle cache has been unavailable for awhile. I suppose I should archive it, until I get the proper permission from the folks at the autobahn (heh). But I suppose I can un-archive it when I get it back out there. I hear your concerns, and I am here to help. Consider it archived... icon_frown.gif sniff..


What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

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