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Problems with logs not transferring from app to site

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Just curious if anyone is having the same problem. I had one log on Saturday and two logs yesterday that I logged on the app but when I checked on the site the logs were cut off at only a couple of sentences. I had included a pic with the log on Saturday, so my first thought was that had to be the issue. Neither of the two logs from yesterday had a pic attached though and a log I had attached a pic to came through fine. Then I noticed, that with all three logs affected, I had inserted a smiley face while logging on the app. On top of that, I was unable to edit my logs on the website. I had to delete the logs and start from scratch. Today I sent a fellow cacher a message and inserted a smiley on the app and the message was cut off as well. I don't remember having this issue on the old app but maybe I didn't use smileys enough to notice. Obviously, I will not be able to use smiley faces on the app anymore but I was wondering if this a new issue.

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