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Need Help With Identifying Old GeoCoin

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Hello Geocoin community!


A while ago, I found a geocoin when I was camping, and had no idea what it was, it looked really cool though. and I wanted to find out what it's purpose was, and where it came from.


I did some research, and found myself here. Hopefully you guys could help me find who/ when this coin was made, and possibly how much it could be worth


Ask as many questions as you want, Im very eager to help you guys help me.





(BTW the back looks as though nothing is on it)

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Looks like a personal coin. Probably a home made one of maybe 12 or 20 made. How much is it worth? Well it was made for anyone to grab from a geocache so it's free.... don't even have to trade for it. But look around the website here and explore the game where millions of people worldwide hide caches and trade swag items placed in them. Don't expect to get rich, though.

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Looks more like a medallion than any caching item to me...

I'd say it's maybe swag in a cache container, but you don't have any found caches on your profile. :)


Curious where you got the idea that geocoins have worth.

They're simply meant to move cache-to-cache, and only "worth" something to the owners who sent them out, or keep some in a collection. :laughing:

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