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Garmin Introduces the Oregon 700 series

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14 minutes ago, HHL said:

Boah. That's pretty strange. Sorry for the noise. ;-)

You did bring up an interesting thing though -- I just DID try to lock the screen and that option is no longer there. UGH, I'll restore default and see if it was something that happened when I had it plugged in and updated.


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A workaround:

Choose Settings > System > Mode >
> Select between “Activity” (standard setting) and “Classic” (our preferred mode). In the classic mode you can not choose between the different activities directly after the start up procedure. The interface is similar to the Oregon 6x0 when choosing the activity mode and you do not get the annoying pop-up for starting the track log!

Source: Oregon 7x0 Settings (click here)


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On 12/10/2016 at 6:34 PM, Atlas Cached said:


You can enable/disable any GPX/GGZ files on the device or uSD card (if installed) as desired. This feature has been requested by more users than I can count, for longer than I can remember. This one single feature may be the biggest selling point for the Oregon 7xx series to Geocachers than any other.

I was looking at the Geocaching | Filter screen on the Oregon 700 and you can filter by cache type and D/T, but I didn't see an option to filter by GPX file.  Which screen are we talking about here?  Thanks

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