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Merlin's Circle - **New Geocoin**

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Visual Euphoria Designs








Merlin's Circle features the great wizard on the obverse with a jeweled staff casting his spell from within the forest. The tree is 3D under translucent soft enamel, sealed with an epoxy coating and surrounded by Merlin's six basic principles - Motion, Matter, Elements, Transformation, Mind and Time.


The reverse of the coin shows how these principles are displayed in his life circle, commonly called "Merlin's Circle". Each of the basic principles are represented by its own symbol, and all symbols are surrounding the eternal circle of Love. The symbols are represented on the back in raised metal, surrounded in translucent hard enamels. The reverse is also covered with a 3D cobblestone overlay.


These editions are finished in Antique Silver platings. Each share a common back. There are 3 regular editions (Aquamarine, Black & Red) and 2 limited editions (Purple & Orange). Merlin's Circle is trackable on geocaching.com and has its own unique icon set (2).


Sale begins on Friday, July 1st at 11am US Pacific Daylight Time at Visual Euphoria Design Studio (www.visualeuphoriadesigns.com/shop).

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Interesting coin. I tried to find the answers to the following, but couldn't find them easily:


1. What size are these coins - diameter, thickness, weight, etc.

2. What are the minting numbers for each of these coins?

3. I may be incorrect, but I got the impression that the REs have a common back, and the LEs have a different common back. (From your website: "Each of the Regular Editions have a common back." & "Each of the Limited Editions have a common back.") I have not been able to find photos of them. Please post photos of the back(s).


Thank you.

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Not sure anyone ever answered your questions. But I bought three of the coins.  Really admire them.  If you need the measurements still I’d be happy to help out but in general the coins are very similar in size to most others I’ve bought. There is a British game called Avalon in which Merlin and Mordrid are the main Characters. I was trying to find a geocoin to go along with the Mordrid character!  But no luck so far.  

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