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ICaching or another app to replace GSAK?

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I got a mac and no longer can use the beloved GSAK. I have noticed in older posts to these forums that there were no apps for the Mac that could come close to replacing GSAK. Is this still true? I looked at icaching but there are so few reviews I can't determine if it is helpful. I basically used GSAK for sorting and finding caches, loading GPX files and running macros on various caches. I would be helpful to hear if there is anything like this for the Mac? I understand I could run bootcamp on my Mac and then use GSAK, I would rather not if a great app exists.



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Honestly, I do just fine with pocket queries and the website. I've toyed around with the iCaching trial and the program doesn't always work properly. Maybe that's because I installed it from the website and not from the App store, but I don't want to invest in the program if it doesn't have any added use for me.

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I know this is not timely but I'll post it anyway. I have been using iCaching for about two months now and I like it. I can set up folders to segregate caches for areas that I plan on caching in. I can easily load caches into my Dakota 20 and into my Nuvi2595 LMT. you can easily switch from a "Note" section to the actual Geocaching WEB page if you need to. All in all, it works for me.

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