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Mackay and Surrounding area Cacher's

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Hello fellow Cacher's my name is Mort (Mort4744) and i am from Moranbah, I am interested to know if there are

any cacher's in and around the Mackay area that could help me out.


I have collected a TB that i want to send on his way but i can't seem to find a cache big enough to leave him in.


So far I have found Eclipes tins, micro's and nano's, not that i am complaining i am having a ball finding these,

i just want to find a bigger cache to drop him off.


Can anyone suggest a cache big enough to leave my TB in, i only get a couple of weekends off a month and they

are spent in Mackay with my boys at football, also the odd trip for a car service and school holidays are coming up

so might be able to get in then.


Oh i forgot, i don't have any pics so if you want an idea of the size of the TB you can find some here

Trista's Travel Bug (TB54XPN) Trista'sTB Link


Looking forward to finding a suitable cache.



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