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finding caches in water or on rivers


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Alternatively. Spotted a possible hide if you want to place one in Basingstoke canal on an abandoned, partially sunken canal boat with trees growing out of it. Not far from GC4J7Q0 SideTracked - Ash Vale. I would presume one would need permission from the Canal & River Trust.

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Hi guys,


Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but i would like to look for some caches in water or along rivers that i could use a kayak to get to any ideas on how to search for them in the UK?






1 find body of water you want to yak

2 search location for caches ( I use locus + gcing plugin )

3 download caches for offline use

4 yak


Takes about two minutes to decide is a river/lake is going to be a fun paddle with out without the caches


It's a good idea to Google an area for yelp reviews of businesses and interests in the area before traveling, and save those businesses as waypoints in the same database as the caches, on your phone.

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