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I'm new to this but.....


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It would be OK to ask the cache owner for a hint using the email link on the owner's profile page. Don't forget to include the GC Code (GCXXXXX) of the cache you are asking about.


The owner is not obligated to provide a hint, but many of them will.

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If you haven't already, then you could try to find more information by:

-- reading through the entire cache description

-- reading the hint

-- reading some previous logs

-- looking through recent photos in the cache's Gallery (cachers should not post spoilers, but sometimes they take pictures of the containers without showing where it was hidden)

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Often, a Cache Owner who places ammo cans ("regular" size) doesn't mention it in the description.

- Someone looking to steal add to their ammo can collection would only have to read a bit.

Once you've found a few, just the cache size might give you a rough idea what you're looking for. :)

We've found that some use the same containers for most caches. Find two the same, and odds may be in your favor (what it is) for that CO.


As noncentric said, sometimes new folks will take a pic of the cache (and even where hidden), spoiling it for others, but (if the CO doesn't delete it) could be of some help.

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Thanks for your input. So far most of the information I have found is the size is "Micro", with very few hints, also very few photos either. I had to go to three sites before I found my first cach and it was so helpful that the owner said it was a camo colored duck!At least I knew what I was looking for. I just got frustrated looking through trash!

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We stopped doing roadside and urban hides after wondering if we should get shots and invest in nitrile gloves before we attempt some.


The further into "woods" you go, though the occasional idiot irresponsible hiker may drop a water bottle or powerbar wrapping, garbage at the exact spot of posted coordinates is rare. :)

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