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oh and i'm not holleren' my cap lock key was on


Pepper is Frustrated! (help)

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And to top if all off, there is a note from Elias that is may get worse before it gets better. That is from a thread on the gc.com forum. The firewall simply stopped allowing anything through the other night. That has been fixed, but the new firewall may slow it down. There is hope on the way, but it may take a bit of time. Read the the whole thread for more details.

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Thought some of you might be interested in seeing the sites out in Issaquah.  I posted some photos I took this morning from one of my salmon themed caches Oncorhynchus tshawytscha.  It is a members only cache so I hope that most of you can access it.

Oh My Gosh, great pics lahontan, I must do this cache I hope I get to see the same.



Great pics!!!! As some of you guys know, I used to do field work wiht salmon...surveying up tribs...counting Wild Coho and any other anadramous fish we happened to see.

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Welcome back, did you place many caches around the Cutbank area?  You might be interested in this one.  Mt Persis View I was going to do this one for my #400, but got a late start on the day and it looked to have some problems finding.  I did Tims Stash on Heybrook Lookout for a easy #400.

Yes, I've noticed that one. Thinking about it and couple other candidates for 2000.


I have 6 caches planted in the area. Two city micros and three boxes along the stream. One ohter box just below where cut bank creek and Two medicine river form the Marias River.

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Hello there everyone- my first post, just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the caches- been having fun the last few weeks caching my way around the area. I recognize some of the names here from the caches I have done. Cached with a couple people after the WSGA meeting last weekend and that was fun- I'd love to meet some local cachers and go caching sometime- it was kinda fun to search along with others. My favorites are micros, just 'cause the hides and containers make me smile!

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Welcome LittleBlue, I'm fairly new to this forum to, so jump right in. Lots of good info. and people on here. Micros are a love hate with me....Love them when I find them and hate them when I can't...:mad: They sure can drive you nuts in a hurry. I did hide my first two micro caches this week.....PRWandG and Heybrook Lookout, so I've entered the evil zone with no going back. They are both easy ones, so I shouldn't get too many curses thrown my way. EGH, I tried for the Mt Persis cache the other day and the cords are all goofed up. What a day that was! I didn't know about the archived cache up there, so parked at the suggested location and hiked from there. That added about 1,000 ft of climbing straight up. I did place a new cache up there and submitted that for approval, so look for it anytime now. It's a fantastic spot and would be an excellent 2,000. I did find a much easier way to hike out. If you are really looking for a challenge I can give you the route I took. It gains about 2,000 ft in .8 miles.....;)

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Geez! North bend gives me trouble. Cruiser guy and Two JJ have me scratching my head....three DNFs in a row. First two caches, were prior DNFs. Oh well. I was out to see my uncle and he lives just minutes away. I still need to go back to Weekw Wander...several DNFs there. Like some hitters can't hit in some parks I guess or certain pitchers.

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Ok, I'm sitting at 97 finds after today, any recommendations for 100? Maybe I should finally get a found for Paradise Lost Book II for number 100, but I'd like to actually get this milestone within the month! :ph34r: Blah, don't know why I can't find that one! So, any thoughts on cool caches for 100? Not a big milestone compared to all of you out there, but hey, it's a start!

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Denny's Backside



Cherry Cache II



you can go get two caches by Pepper and CAchinCin on the way in adn get Cherry for the third.

Oh, Cherry Cache is a good one!


One cacher picked up a travel bug there and figured he could never top that cache so he never did another.

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A lot will depend on what kind of cache YOU like. Personally I prefer caching in the mountains or out in Nature. Urban Micros are fine, but just don't impress me like they used to.


If I might be so presumptious as to recommend one of my own caches, I would recommend Barclay Lake Trail.


It's late in the season, but this one should still be available. It's about a mile hike in, but it's on a fairly flat trail thru old growth forest. The views of Baring Mountain and Barclay lake are amazing.


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Wow, you've been a caching machine this week. You were at 66 last weekend. If you are looking for a memorable mountain series you can't beat the ones near Skykomish. Tonga View is a easy one for #98. Bit up the road from here you'll have a nice hike to Conga on Tonga and then up top to Mt. Sawyer Summit View Cache I did this one for my #300 on a sunny day and you can't beat the view. The snow level has been so high all week that I doubt there is much snow up there now. I can't believe nobody has done those 2 since I was there in Sept. The 3 Monte Cristo caches I did the other day would be a excellent choice too!.....so many good ones out there that it's hard to choose. If you want a good one in your backyard and IMO much harder terrain wise than the festering head EGH's Secret Spot #1is a nasty one. Hope you find a great one.

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Well, I should have asked the question back at 66! I couldn't even wait to get home today to read the recommendations. :lol: Thing 2 and I had a couple of hours before her dance class, so we hopped the pond and found a cache at the UW urban horticulture center that has a TB bound for Hungary so I could take it to the swap. Then there was a micro right next to the ice cream store, and there I was at 99! Hmm, what to do. So I decided since I started this whole thing with a micro, I would log 100 with a micro, so I head for Lucy's Lost Again and finished my geocaching day with a nice big smile! 200 will come soon enough I suppose, so I now have some ideas for that round number. I hope to do the MI series soon, once I sit down and figure out which one I have to solve first. Seems like I remember looking at those and seeing 'you need to do xxx first' and then I forgot to follow up to see which one *was* first.


And I want to do the hikes, but here's the thing, I often have a 4 and/or 6 year old with me and walks of more than about a mile are too long. I love to hike, but am not really comfortable doing it by myself. We used to hike a lot before the kids were born, but now we kind of have to wait for them to grow up a little. It's frustrating to know there are all those great caches out there on the trails! So many caches, so little time! Especially now that it is dark so early.

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And I want to do the hikes, but here's the thing, I often have a 4 and/or 6 year old with me and walks of more than about a mile are too long. I love to hike, but am not really comfortable doing it by myself. We used to hike a lot before the kids were born, but now we kind of have to wait for them to grow up a little.

Your kids are a perfect age for doing some more hiking. My kids were 4 and 6 when I took them on their first backpack trip. It was to Camp Pleasant on the North Fork of the Skokomish (the same place I did my first backpack trip at age 8.) At the time it was a 7.4 mile RT, now it's 14 miles. Sally carried a book bag with just her coat in it and Bucky carried all of his clothes. It WAS nice when they got bigger and started carrying some of the community gear!


They didn't start out as good hikers though - when Sally was 2 1/2, we were walking to the mailbox when I realized she had stopped. She was standing there with her arms crossed and said 'Walking makes me mad!' Fortunately she's changed her mind and gone on to do trekking in Nepal and Spain.


On that first over-nighter, my husband would tease the kids saying 'Keep out of my mud puddle! I want them clean!' So of course they'd race off to stomp in the water. It sure helped them get up the trail.

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That would be cool if our girls would hike that far, but their limit is a hike like around Tradition Lake. I'm not sure how far that is, but not more than 2 miles, anyway. The 6 yr old is 41 lbs and the 4 yr old about 35, so part of it is they're just not very sturdily built and tire easy. And it's not that we don't take them out- we do Tiger and Cougar and Mount Rainier and lots of beach walking, but we are more limited on elevation and distance than when we could carry them on our backs. And they are too big for that now. The last big hike we did with them on our backs was Spray Falls at Rainier a few years back. But they're getting bigger every year and we can do more and more now, so I'm sure it will be relatively soon enough when we can hit the trails again!

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