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Magellan sportrak color

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So i was given one of these a few days ago. Sealed and brand new(though its still a 12 year old model, so its kind of lacking)

My question is, could someone point me to the best resource to get it modernized as cheaply(preferably free) as possible. Id like to get the best maps for my region(central Canada) for geocaching and maybe hiking. Ideally topographical ones.




I could just load some free GPS maps on my old phone which would blow this 12 year old piece of equipment out of the water, but id like to keep a dedicated machine for this, and i think theres a bit of charm using something that isnt bogged down with high-res street maps and millions of POI's.


I already have the adapter cable to get it to interface with a modern USB port. so its just a case of getting the map files, and a program to transfer them over to the receiver.


Thank you.

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I found this listing on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Magellan-MapSend-Topo-Software-CANADA-/262308718033?hash=item3d12d165d1:g:vdkAAOSwFNZW0Jmu

There are other software programs available too. Be careful about what you buy. I believe Magellan changed the format of their maps for newer models like Triton.


No shipping to Canada(Not sure how many people in the US are looking for topo maps of Canada, but thats the only people this seller is looking for)


I was hoping there would be a free resource. Its hard to justify dropping any money on this when as i said earlier, an old phone can get free maps with thousands of POI's and sat imagery for free.

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