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uk school geocaching club

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I am sure many of these points have been done to death on this forum, but I am in need of some advice.


I am intending to run a geocaching club in school next year and am wondering about a few basics from toes with experience.


My plan is in winter to initially set up a few simple trails myself for the kids, them get them setting up and following each others geocaching trails.


In the spring / summer we are going to get our and about.


However before I get started I need to decide on a few things:


I am initially going for only a limited number of pupils, but does Groundspeak have the potential to set up education establishment accounts?


The GPS units ..... what is realistically best? obviously budget is a concern, but usability and the necessity for paperless geocaching trumps this. Many seem to say Etrex, but is there a cheaper paperless alternative?


I myself have a gc exploits - along with a couple of vet basic GPS systems - I have considered pupils using their phones, but that impacts on data and makes the club one which would not be fully comprehensive.


Does anyone else have any tips on running a geocaching club in the UK?





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