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Identity Thievery?

Voss Piety

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Friends, I am troubled by what I hear. My agents inform me that there are some of you who believe the vile Dr. Isotope and I are the same person. Let me assure you this is not the case. I have dedicated my efforts to foiling his twisted plot, for it will help me gain my objective, and to set things the way they are supposed to be.


To prove this point, I will soon release an item I spent many years working towards. Once retrieved, you can research its origin and see the authenticity of my past. It will prove without a shadow of a doubt of our individuality.


Dr. I could never manufacture such an item.


I now search for a proper site. Be patient.



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Say Voss, we are going to be in California this weekend so could you drop the "thing" off down there and we will snatch it up. Or we will have to fly back up here to get it and then back down, just more frequent flyer miles for us icon_wink.gif.


Will this have anything to do with "The Orb"? We have been keeping it polished up and ready to go.

Secret agent decoder ring.


In case of power failure stand close, I glow in the dark.

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Mr. K.Monster, it is in my nature to stay hidden in the shadows, being a spy that I am. I am at many of the GC meetings, but I stay out of site, with my fedora covering my eyes so as not to look suspicious.


Mr. GG, Hold onto the ORB as it will come into play at a near date, but not this time.


Mr. Van Allen Bradley values all the significance to this item. It is this work you must reference.



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Originally posted by Team JOYSON:

we ran out to where we thought it might be, but alas... no such luck. We'll continue to work on it & hopefully beat you all (or at least Dr I) to it.


Hard work often pays off after time, but procrastination always pays off now.


I couldn't pass up a chance to beat GR&GG with them in CA icon_biggrin.gif so I gave it a shot too. I ended up in parking lot and couldn't see any likely places icon_frown.gif. I was very near a cache I was looking for so I gave up and went cache hunting. I tried the Orb, but my copy of the Orb decoder had no lower-case letters and every capital letter appears twice.


Sir USA = Russia

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You guys crack me up. I am stuck here at work, thinking I can head out and nab this thing tonight.. but alas, looks like he will give out the third clue on Wednesday. Unfourtunatly, I work that day also. icon_frown.gif


Russians are always picking weird days..


What do you call 2,000 pounds of Chinese Soup? Won Ton.

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Mr. Van Allen Bradley values the significance to this item. It is this work you must reference.



I am desperately ensuring Clue #3 is available. Without it, a small delay will be inevitable and I will be forced to employ KGB tactics on the guilty. Fear not as everything is going as planned.


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Van Allen Bradley is an author who writes books on the value of rare and old books.. Books such as "Gold In Your Attic". Still can't figure out how this fits the coordinates. Do we need to check a copy of this book? Voss you have us at a loss. If it's this hard to be a good guy we might just have to be bad to be very very good icon_wink.gif.


In case of power failure stand close, I glow in the dark.


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Have a good idea about half of it, made some assumptions about the other half, went somewhere that one could easily hide something, and found . . . that it was too dark to find anything.


I talked to a friend of mine who knows everything, and found a way to justify the assumptions. I may need to sneak out of work tomorrow; after this last weekend, they owe me big time.


Of course, I'm probably all wet.

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I saw that the Beaverton city library had a book by VAB. For fun, I went and looked it over. Didn't see anything that looked interesting, so I checked it out. Left a signature pen in its place just in case someone else had the same idea. Multnomah and Clackamas libraries also have books by that author.


I have seen the third hint. Alas, I am stuck in the office now, and the evening is full.


Hey Grampa, can you pick me up some duct tape?


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Must the Grandparents be first to EVERYTHING!??! Quick... someone... find it first.... d'oh. Dang my 8-5 job. Oh well, there's something to be said for consistency. When you get back, please do share the wealth of your knowlege. I have a good idea as to what's going on, but I just haven't been able to put all the pieces together.


Hard work often pays off after time, but procrastination always pays off now.

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I figured someone had beaten me to it, but I found nothing. I went to where I thought the New Clear Fishin Party was and found.... nothing... icon_mad.gif. Had a beer and left cause no one else came looking. I figured I was late and it had already been found so here I am at home empty handed icon_confused.gif. Must check further.


Voss did you forget to leave something at the dropoff? It seemed to be an appropriate place and I even checked some of the literature inside but no joy. Could this have been a red herring?


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.


[This message was edited by Grandpa Rocks & Grouchy Gramma on February 19, 2003 at 03:48 PM.]

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I too went to the John Barleycorn on my way home from work. My GPS wanted me to look in the parking lot but I started by the trees. Thought it may have been under the blue tarp on the patio just north of the building but when I started over there I saw two or three employees eyeing me very suspiciously so I left. Good luck to whoever else trys.


KTF !!! GBWY !!!

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Silly Geocachers! Running around like chickens with their heads cut-off. Could Voss be throwing you off? No. Not at all. It was quite entertaining to watch Grandpa Rocks peruse the literature, only to ignore the item he was so desperately searching for. Look closer, my friend. I found it, inspected it, and put it back in it's place. The item does prove that Voss is who he says he is. He and I are not the same person. But that doesn't mean he's not evil. Do you really think you can trust a former KGB spy? I thought I could once... And I almost paid the ultimate price.


Who can you trust?


Dr. I


-I am Jack's throbbing brain tumor.

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First off it was good to see Armando from Armando & Co. Just moved up from San Diego area, found him outside the Barleycorn doing what I had been doing earlier. Showed him what we had found and chatted briefly.


Now as usual I sometimes have trouble finding what is right under my nose or in this case over my head. Once again I had been six inches from what I searched for and missed it again. Went home all forlorn cause I thought I had figured it all out and waited for Gramma to come home from work. Since no one found it yet she said she would help me find it. Went with the kids Big Sergeant and his wife Little Imp and Gramma. While I looked briefly around outside they all went in and sat down to order some liquid refreshment. When I came in Little Imp said "I found it!". Well of course with the women it was too easy. They humbled me once again icon_razz.gif.


Opened the book and found the secret compartment within and the notes from Voss and Dr I, and Voss's bona fides. Will have pictures later after we get a chance to go over some of the stuff.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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Yes it is always good to meet a follow cacher and even better when they help you find what you’re looking for!! It was very nice to see Grandpa coming out to show me what he had found. I was getting ready to get back to my truck when I saw him coming out with the book.

Thank you for sharing Grandpa!!

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Who said decoding spy transmissions was going to be an easy endevor. I am glad I did not have to put a blinking neon arrow over the item. I almost lost faith in your clue solving abilities...


Do not worry about the phone number as I did not have time to record anything important. Plus, at 62.7310 Rubles a minute, that price is ridiculous!! Lets see what Mr.Grandpa has to share.


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Sorry to take so long to get these out here but last night was a little weird. After finding the book and coming home to post this stuff my brother called from Florida about visiting and while talking to him and Gramma I found a blood trail throught the house and discovered the dog had cut his leg very badly and so we had to deal with him and then get bloody footprints off the rug and the rest of the house and fix dinner and a few other things and then it was ten o'clock and I was too tired to get the pictures up. icon_frown.gif Today at work was overtime so only now have I finished the work on the pictures.


Voss the next time you want us to look inside the building you should make the coordinates take us to the building not out behind it in the bushes icon_razz.gif.


And now I'm too tired to do anything else so goodnight, I've got to watch Survivor: Amazon.


Oh yeah, the pictures, here they are icon_biggrin.gif.36877_800.jpg36877_1000.jpg36877_900.jpg36877_1100.jpg


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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The badge was in the red package.


The wire is connected to a plug on the bottom of the book. Probably used to inconspiciously cary a recording device of some kind, who can tell when your dealing with spies icon_wink.gif.


Don't know if the letters mean anything at all but the numbers for the coordinates were in a personals ad (In a chance meeting) in the Willamette Week (local river that has a periodical run every 7 days).


The ad read:

You: Evil Doctor bent on world domination. Me: KGB dissident with different plan. 44th Ave at 8:87 during the New Clear Fishin Party. The bait is set, will they bite?


Page 83 of this weeks Willamette Week.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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Yes, the final coords were placed in a personal ad in the paper. LNP WW stands for Local News Paper Willamette Week.


I did place the coords in front of the restaurant, but there is always variability. I figured since you knew you were looking for a book, that it would most likely be inside the building.


As for the wire and the holes? This book has had a far more sinister past then I care to elaborate here. Someday, I will discuss with everyone its history over a glass of vodka.


This is, of course, if we win our battle.

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Maybe a mention that the third clue would be needed to find it would have been helpful. I suppose that it could have been found otherwise by someone with a lot of time on their hands.


On the other hand, my study of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (LNP), and William Weisband (WW) was not entirely uninteresting, and seemed somewhat apropos. Perhaps you've met him?

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You know how these spies are, never wanting to tell you the whole story. Say isn't MVD (Ministry of Internal Security) sort of the equivalent to the FBI, more counter espianage than real spying? Voss you have been leading us on, you aren't a real spy, more like a spy hunter icon_redface.gif. That's alright though, spying on spies, is still spying icon_wink.gif. The badge seems to be the real deal as I guess you are. Found lots of pictures of badges hereand I gotta tell you there seems to be a big black (red?) market in former USSR military unit emblems. Lots of real cool looking badges for the military and KGB and stuff. Found lots of interesting stuff about your former employers with simple web searches.


So your the real deal, what's next? When do we go after the nefarious Dr I? Looking forward to your next.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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