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WhereYouGo crash on online map

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I searched a bit before posting, can't find a exact thread for that, forgive me if I repeated the old question, as I believe many cachers had encountered the same problem before.


I tried to test a cartridge with 3 different android phones, Samsung Note 2, LG G3 and HTC Butterfly.

WhereYouGo app will crash on ALL devices when i used the "Online map", you will see part of the map being loading, then crash after 1/2 mins.

And I figure out a work around to either "use blank (means no map)" or "switch the map source to Locus".



1. Does it a well known bug in WhereYouGo?

2. Any proposed work around?

3. WhereYouGo support "Offline map", just wonder, how to get the map file or prepare it?


Thanks in advance.

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