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I found around 20 virtuals this weekend, and am now logging them. When I tried to message the answer to the last person, I got an error message that said "You're doing that too fast. Please try again in 20 minutes." Seriously? You have limitations on how fast/many messages that you can send? What's the limitation? I've only logged about 7 of them so far, so it must be a small one. Great user experience here. I wanted to be done in 20 minutes, but based on this 20 minute rule, this may take me well over an hour. Signal called, he said "make it better".

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You have limitations on how fast/many messages that you can send?

Yes, they put in a limit to prevent spammers from using the messaging systems. Yes, spammers have been using the Geocaching.com email and message systems to send spam.


What's the limitation?

Groundspeak won't reveal the limit, which is understandable. If they published the limit, the spammers would be able to design their system to work around the limit. In an ideal world, the limit would actually be variable so spammers couldn't just send a bunch of messages and determine the limit, then design around that. I suspect that may be how it's set up.


Unfortunately, all you can do is wait a bit and try again.

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