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Who else doesn't like looking for caches?

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I've been geocaching since 2002 and I've never liked looking for geocaches. I like finding them. Some people seem to think that making a cache hard to find makes it more fun for the geocacher when it is finally found. It doesn't for me, but I'm sure that's true for some. I wish every cache had a spoiler hint or spoiler information so that I could just walk up to it and grab it. To me, picking up rocks, beating the bushes, sorting through trash, etc. is just a waste of time and unpleasant. However, that doesn't mean I like every cache just because it's an easy find, either. It should still have a good location, well-written cache page, etc. I think a good hide is one where a general passerby would have no idea the cache is there, but a geocacher would immediately know where to find it. I'm not into numbers. I have a low total for someone caching as long as I have been, so I don't like them easy just so I can boost my total. Before you ask why I geocache, then, I have many good reasons, a few of which are:


The social aspect of taking a hike with a friend (or group of friends)

Having a motivator to find different interesting locations I would never know about otherwise

Having a motivator to get out and do something aerobic

The planning, reviewing maps, Google Earth, previous logs, etc.

Reading the cache page (when it's a well-written one with local history, a good story, fancy graphics, etc.)

Doing the puzzles, especially with someone else

Driving around listening to a good audiobook or good music (somehow I never do this unless I have a destination. Listening at home is fine, too, but somehow not the same)


I'm sure many others enjoy some of these same things. I hide a lot of caches, too and get enjoyment from that, but that's a different issue.


Am I alone in not liking the actual searching itself?

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