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Disable trackable notifications


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Is there any way to disable the email notification of when my TBs are logged? I really don't want to know a hundred times when somebody takes my bug to a Giga/ Mega event. In fact I'd be quite happy to look on the TB page to see where it has been and never get another notification.


Hoping there is a way???

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For that sort of stuff, I set up an email folder, and a rule to direct emails to it, my email provider allows an auto-purge also, so each day the folder is purged of emails older than a selected age - so I can see what is happening without my inbox being swamped.

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3 hours ago, NavySparksandtheMrs said:

How can I stop travel bug notifications for other than my TB's


Sounds like you might have clicked "watch this trackable item" on the trackable's page at some point. 

 - If not, please explain further.  Thanks.  :)

Go to the trackable's page next time you get one, and under "Trackable options" (on the right), click on "Remove from Watchlist".

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