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Indiana County PA Centennial

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Indiana County in PA is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary this year. Indiana County Parks along with the Tourist Bureau asked me if they could place commemorative coins in my Tour de Parks caches. I felt the NE forum would be a good place to let everyone know about this.

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Wow! Great idea, and a shining example of cooperation between parks and geocaching. I hope they will consider placing several coins in each cache, or to replenish the supply a few times during the year. Otherwise a cache hunter could be disappointed if someone beat them to all the goodies.


We definitely plan on hunting the rest of the Tour de Parks this summer, having sampled a sneak preview in February, and look forward to finding one of these commemorative coins. NOTE: if it wasn't for good geocaches like yours, we'd have no particular reason to visit Indiana County and spend our tourist $$$$!



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For a quick link to one of the caches that rock33 is talking about, try Pine Ridge Park. I initially thought the words "Tour de Park" would be in the name! icon_biggrin.gif Of course, the search engine returned zero results for that.


So, rock33, is there a time frame for this "placing of coins"? Is there a timeline for events related to the centennial celebration?


Ttepee, come on down! icon_cool.gif


by Leprechauns:

Great idea, and a shining example of cooperation between parks and geocaching.

Lep, you know I;m always looking for those!


You must be present to win.


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