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Californian invading PA.


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So I'm taking a little trip up to PA on the 19th to visit a friend of mine up there for a couple days. I'm flying into Philly and driving up to Wilkes Barre. Right now I'm already planning on stopping at the cache in Centralia on the way up (The city that is burning under itself), but I'm wondering if there are any other caches along the way or in the Wilkes Barre area that anyone would specifically recommend that I should do. Thanks for any tips.



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I recommend the caches in Ricketts Glen State Park. It may be a bit out of your way (then again, maybe not)but the caches here are excellent simply because the park is so awsome. Lots of waterfalls and well maintained, but rugged, trails.


Start with these two links then maybe search the coordinates for others. There are, I believe 4 caches in this park.


Hawks Outlook


Rickett's Glen


The Centralia cache is a must do. Another good cache I did the same day I did Centralia one was the Nuclear Power Plant cache.


Hope this helps. E-mail me if you want more information.





"The trail will be long and full of frustrations. Life is a whole and good and evil must be accepted together"


Ralph Abele

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll try and hit all of the caches that have been mentioned. I actually already had the Seven Tubs cache on my list to hit already due to someone mentioning to make sure and try to get some of the caches that Rich placed out there. Looking forward to me trip!



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I myself could not resist them and went and searched for those caches on a REALLY hot day in August. The air temp was probably 105 degrees in regular towns nearby, but in Centralia the air temp MUST have been at least 5 more degrees. Extrapolate to ground temp. Yikes! And little ol' me in Tevas.....


Now, in this chill air, you'll get much more of that creepy fog factor.


I dare you to do it at night! icon_wink.gif

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