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Premium Cache Details not loading?

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Hi, I'm a newbie, so there is a good chance I am doing something wrong, but...


I'm trying to filter the recently placed caches via the app, but when I try to get the details for a specific cache , it comes up with a message saying that it failed to download the cache details due to it being a premium Cache. I'm a premium member, so shouldn't this be working? Any ideas? TIA :)

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Did you logout and then login to the app after becoming a Premium Member. If you were a Basic Member and then upgraded to Premium Membership, then you may need to logout/login the app.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I think I might have posted this in the wrong section. The app itself is working fine, it's when I try to use the main website on my android phone that it's playing up and seems to have decided I'm not a premium member. I have logged in and out on that....

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Are you using the main website by clicking "Open in Browser" from the app, or are you opening the browser and then going to www.geocaching.com ?


I'm going to assume you are are opening the browser from the app:

-- When it takes you to the page that says you're not a Premium Member, then click on the 3 horizontal lines at the upper-right and select "Log In".

-- Go through the normal login process and be sure to check the "Keep me signed in" option underneath the password box.

-- Go back to the app and select the cache again. This time it should open in the browser and show you full details.

-- Since you told the site to keep you signed it, then it should continue to work the next time you open a cache. However, you'll have to login every time if your browser is set to delete cookies.


Ideally, after signing in then the browser would take the user to whatever cache they were originally trying to get to, but the site doesn't seem to behave that way.

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