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permanent Ball Tracks

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I'm thinking about a new category for permanent Ball Tracks (I hope this is the right term ...).






You can find them at parks, museums, playgrounds, town halls and at other locations.

They are made of stone, wood, metal or other materials.

They have to be permanent to qualify.

Some of them are just simple but others are more comlicated.


What do you think?

Is this an interesting idea?


I know we have an existing categories for Rolling Ball Sculptures. But they are something different and really hard to find.

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Rolling Ball Sculptures need some kind of lifting mechanism to qualify.

That's the point!


The point here is that the "Rolling Ball Sculptures" category has a grand total of 40 approved waymarks and was created on 1/20/2009. That is 7 years, 3 months, 11 days ago.


How will this category fare seven years from now?

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Rolling Ball Sculptures need some kind of lifting mechanism to qualify.


So, would this qualify as a lifting mechanism?



I am not an officer, but I would approve it. And don't forget to crosspost it to the Vortex category! :ph34r:

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30 minutes ago, Tante.Hossi said:

I'm still dealing with this old idea of 2016. So I want to bring it back on topic. 

I still love this ball tracks. And I came accross some more in the last years. 


So what do you think?

I go back to the original discussion - I've never seen them in all my travels.  There didn't seem to be a lot of support back 4 years ago for this idea because of the rarity of these.

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