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New app doesn't show downloaded caches

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I was very disappointed to discover that even lists downloaded to my iPhone won't show up without cell service. I took two of my grandkids caching today where there was no cell service. The downloaded lists would not load. Finaccly I got one bar of service and the three lists I had saved to the phone showed up - with all the caches. We started off for our first and went down into a valley. We were fine and we found the cache. However, while I was signing the log with the kids and looking for something to trade, my phone went to sleep. When I opened the phone, the lists were gone and we could not reload. End of day! We could have done another three on the trail we were on.


I hope this gets fixed. I have been a member for over 10 years. I maintained my premium membership for years, but let it lapse. I saw the new app's ability to create and download lists for non-cell caching. Now I have two set of grandkids that I've been out with and they love it. Unfortunately, most of the caches we go after are on forest trails with no cell service. I guess that we'll have to look for other alternatives.


Is this going to get fixed soon? Summer is almost here.



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