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Issues with coord.info links on Facebook Messenger


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Hi There!


I'm experiencing trouble with sending coord.info links through Facebook Messenger. It's says "To help keep Facebook safe, we sometimes block certain content and actions." Maybe they have detected harmful content?


More people with these kind of problems?




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Google: site:facebook.com coord.info


Lots of public posts with:


"Sorry, this content isn't available right now

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.

Go back to the previous page · Go to News Feed · Visit our Help Center"


instead of the original message.

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Thanks Rickrich, seems it works.. Hopefully they can fix it, cuz this is a bit unhandy.


Maybe they can fix it with just adding the "s" to the coord.info link on geocaching.com

If only it were so simple, my Facebook Group (along with many others I believe) has been taken down because it uses a coord.info link, I can't even access it to amend it!

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The same block is also in place in Instagram, and I would guess in WhatsApp as well (all Facebook-products).


My guess is that the massive amounts of links posted related to the CITO-week, combined with coord.info being a redirect service combined with recent issues on geocaching.com (I would guess that if Facebook detects that a redirect service is "hiding" something from them, a red flag is raised immediately) caused Facebook's "anti virus" to mark coord.info as malicious.

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If only it were so simple, my Facebook Group (along with many others I believe) has been taken down because it uses a coord.info link, I can't even access it to amend it!


I saw Geolympix Mega 2016 tweeted their group has vanished from Facebook (



Facebook events have also been deleted. A Facebook event I created for my upcoming May 4th event through my store fanpage along with ones I had made for events earlier this year, all disappeared without warning. The events on our local geocaching association's FB page also disappeared, though interestingly, someone posted they could see them when accessing the group with their android device but not with their desktop. I had my sister visit my fanpage on her iPad, and it said there was an upcoming event, but when she went to the events section there were only old events. So hopefully the posts/groups are all still there & just hidden from view.


I tried reporting the problem, but just got the canned "thanks for helping make Facebook a better place" message. Hopefully Groundspeak can talk to them & might have a bit more sway. Since coord.info links are specific to geocaches & geocoins and not a general redirect service it would be really nice if Facebook would realize there's no possible threat and turn off whatever switch they flipped.

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