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Whats up with the NJGA


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I was recently asked my plans for the NJGA.

I have no plans. People wanted to get something started I got tired of waiting so I got the thing started. Now I need someone to run with it. Or poeple to point me in a direction.

What I would want is.

We have a get together every month,

One month in North Jersey, one in central jersey

then one in South jersey. The meeting would consist of a discussion of things important to NJ cachers. Then food and caching and fun.

we had a meeting in Central Jersey. One will be here soon in South Jersey.

So far the only thing I know everyone wants

is a stupid hat. So that may be a rule that all members must make and wear a stupid hat (we'll see)

So what does everyone want? ( besides a hat)

Oh and we need a leader. so lets vote for a president. So far there are 162 votes for

mopar, ( but they were all placed by the same person) so they may not count!


Alumni of Cache U !

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