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Who can visit W 75° 43.58x for me???


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I want to hunt this cache:


The cache creator allows me double my account name for the coordinate. So my account coordinate is 75° 43.58 . For the hunting, I need a friend who can visit W 75° 43.58x and take photos for me. We both can have a finding log on this cache.

If you can help me, please e-mail me.Thanks!

icon_wink.gifI live in Taiwan, China.


Life short, Hunt more.


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I live at about W75 12.000, so your coords are about a half an hour drive for me. Not a problem, as I go that way often. I would love to help you out and take part in this find. Just say so and I'll head out with my GPS and digital camera. I can have the photos for you tomorrow evening, my local time.




I am not addicted to geocaching, really.

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Zhanna: I can easily get a photo for you if you still need one.

Thank you, Zhanna. But lightnsound has already get it! icon_wink.gif

lightnsound: Mission accomplished! How cool. Thanks rjt!!!!

Thank you, too. lightnsound!!! icon_rolleyes.gif


Life short, Hunt more.

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