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Finally after much slipping and sliding and not much common sense this Rookie lands his first find. It was Woodrum's Canyon (GC3E7D). I know this area very well but not with a GPSr. LOL. It is a very nice spot and the rocks around there kick major ***. I kinda like rocks if you can't tell. LOL Found about 3 really nice places to camp in the little trek too. I will be back and there will be more caches at Woodrums. Have to rethink my 2 comment on the posting. It truly is about a 4 maybe a 3-3.5. The way I went (ALL WRONG) was about a 10 LOL icon_biggrin.gif Ah well you live you learn. Guess I am off for 2-4 in the morning. Happy caching

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Glad to have you join us caching!

That was an interesting cache for us, and it sounds like it made for a great first for you. I'd knock the terrain down a bit for distance, but that slope sure gave me problems! (which raises the rating back up) We took two trips there (mostly due to timing,) and my daughter lost a shoe there. She even mentioned it yesterday when we found the new cache in Reedy. (You might want to check that cache quickly before they tear down the post office before the end of the month.)


I haven't spent much time reading the NorthEast forum since I almost never see anything in here except for posts about New Jersey caching (a great way to see what Stay Floopy's been up to I guess.) It's nice to see some WV activity in here for once.


I hope you do place some more caches in that area--I found it very interesting and I'd especially love to drive those roads again!

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icon_biggrin.gif Hey thanks Man in the Wild. I was begining to think no one gave a rat's rear. LOL. I am a newbie but I hope that someday my name and call sign will be well know to all in the sport. I love it so far.


The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

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