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Selling Coins


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Some financial issues have come up and I am in the process of selling off some of my coins.. I will be listing them on ebay in batches of 5 or so over the next month. Please take a look.. Thanks


Up for sale on ebay now are the following


Klingon Cloaking Device Geocoin

Dragon Spinner Geocoin

LizardToadz Decypher v.1 - Polished Nickel & Black

Geocoin Club January 2007--rangefinder geocoin

Dragon Ladon Geocoin--LE version first mint


Here is my ebay store...My link



Unactivated Coins--here are the rest I plan on selling


EarthCache Master Geocoin - Platinum Geocoin: Volcanic Eruption

EarthCache Master Geocoin - Bronze Geocoin: Glacial Erosion

EarthCache Master Geocoin - Gold Geocoin: Subduction Zone

EarthCache Master Geocoin - Silver Geocoin: Sedimentary Deposition


Out on the Water, Caching by Boat Geocoin

Neptunes Compass Geocoin Artic LE



Hogwild Compass Geocoin

Astrolabe Geocoin

Man –vs- Cache Geocoin

World of Geocaching


Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin

Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin

Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin

Eye of the Tribal Flower Geocoin


Ammonite Geocoin set:


Ammonite Geocoin - Late Cretaceous

Ammonite Geocoin - Late Jurassic

Ammonite Geocoin - Early Jurassic

Ammonite Geocoin - Late Triassic Ammonite Geocoin - Late Triassic

EUREKA Geocoin

Suncompass Geocoin



Compass Rose Geocoin 2007


2009 compass rose set

Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 1

Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 2

Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 3

Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 4

Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 5

Compass Rose Geocoin 2009 6


Time and Space Geocoin


Dutch Microcoins 2009 Geocoin

Indiana Micro Geocoin

Flip For It Micro Geocoin (looks like a quarter)

Atlantic Canada Souwester Geocoin

Pathtag #8056

Tag #5146 - January 2007 GCC Tag

Tag #7857 crabby by briarpatch


Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Set

Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009

Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009

Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009

Compass Rose Geocoin 5th Anniversary 2009


Here are my activated...


2006 Compass Rose Geocoin

2008 Compass Rose Geocoin

500 Finds Geo-Achievement Geocoin

Brahean Geocoin

Colorado 2007 Geocoin--sold

Colorado Geocoin

Cross Staff & Back Staff Geocoin

First Geocoin in Orbit --sold

Four Elements Geocoin--minting error with spelling

Geo Chat 2009 Geocoin

Geocaching Colorado (GCCO) Geocoin

Groundspeak Lackey 2009 Geocoin

Holiday Adoption - Moon Dipper

Journey Geocoin

Mariner's Astrolabe Geocoin

Nocturnal Geocoin

Quadrant Geocoin

San Diego Geocoin

Sextant Geocoin

Sextant Geopin

Snoboardz Geocoin

Southern Planisphere Geocoin LE (minting error with wrong planisphere in the coin)

Silver Petrified Wood Compass Geocoin

Team FIREBOY'S Templar Geocoin -- sold

Teamhaynes' Christ Centered Caching Geocoin

TeamHaynes Micro Compass Rose Geocoin

TeamHaynes Travel Ingot Geocoin

Tengwar Geocoin

Theotokos Crown of Thorns Geocoin

Trilobite Geocoin--gold glitter LE edtion

Unity Dragon Geocoin LE

Edited by teamhaynes
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