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UPDATE: Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals

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Due to the overwhelming number of cans of worms discovered to be associated with the Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals category, we have relented and will now accept sites which offer Personal Transport (PT) rentals AND/OR tours. This should reduce or eliminate the huge number of issues which have come to light since the category's launch.


Previously denied submissions have already been approved.


If yours was not approved, please resubmit it.


The launch of this category has proven to be a learning tool, both for us and for you:


For us, never assume that the rest of the world will share our view of the universe. Learn to ALWAYS ask a group to share their feelings on ANY item or situation which may be open to interpretation. Also, deeper research oft times reveals that the world further afield operates under a different set of rules, necessitating a reexamination of one's personal paradigm.


For you, if you harbour a preconceived notion of what a category should be, or should encompass, you should make your vision known. Never assume that a category leader shares your paradigm. It appears that many, or even most, waymarkers envisioned this category as one which encompassed both PT Rentals AND PT Tours. In our minds such was not the case, yet no one ever broached the subject, either in the forum or during peer review, leading us to believe that the category, as presented, was what the majority approved of.

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Welcome to the club! Now you know the reason why I have chosen the role of the advocatus diaboli in this forum. There will always be some special case nobody has thought about. And there will always be some people who try to go a step further than the previously accepted examples.


This is just a game. Playing a game means accepting the rules. But this can only work when the rules are clear and do make sense. Creating such rules often is not as easy as it looks at first sight.

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