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As a cache owner, I'm annoyed!

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(I originally posted this in Iphone but i think this should be discussed among android users too.)


Hey Groundspeak! I just found out from a friend of mine what's going on with the new geocaching app. He's a regular member because he doesn't get out caching much (new baby) and when he went to do the virtual in downtown Toronto that I have been bugging him to do forever, he was unable to open it in the new app.


For anyone who doesn't know, this is because Groundspeak has put in place a rule in the new app that if you're a regular member, you get 1.5/1.5 Traditionals only. (You still can see others will "geocaching classic" but who knows how long before it gets discontinued)


Now, I know most people will just hear the regular members groaning about this but I want to add my perspective because regular members aren't the only ones affected. I have been a premium member since 2011 and I'm a cache owner. I have both premium caches, and ones available for everyone and I'm really ticked that now all of the sudden a lot fewer people will be able to find my caches. I spend a lot of time setting up and considering how I should rate each cache. Downtown I have a really special multi that I spent months setting up to make it tourist friendly and wanted to make it so that everyone visiting my hometown could have a great unique experience. But now thanks to this new app, there are going to lots of cachers who will miss out on experiences like this just because they aren't sure about taking geocaching to the next level. Yes I understand running a site and apps aren't free, (that's partly why i'm a premium member in the first place) but that's what premium features are for, not cutting out caches without owners consent. The site has a lot of amazing features, keep promoting them and people will join on their own terms.


Groundspeak said themselves that a free app is the best way for new members to learn about the hobby, so why are we preventing them from finding cool caches and trying everything geocaching has to offer? This lockout will lead to new geocachers only finding the same, more boring traditionals, over and over and over. (the first lampost skirt was great but imagine if that's all you can find...ever) All the unique, different, tricky caches that really hook new members, the ones that people talk about at events will be lost. This will only promote more 1.5/1.5 traditionals filling up space and a decrease to all other cache types and anything tricker than a 1.5. (or people rating it low to make it available to be found)


I place caches to be found, and to hopefully inspire new members to join in on the fun and hide their own creative caches but now probably 90% of my caches available to regular members can't be accessed on this new app.


I want to make my voice heard now when it's just an app and not the full website because you never know. (Give 'em an inch, they take a mile is the old saying) Sorry for the rant and thanks for listening.


See you on the Trails,


(DarkFlare of Toronto, Canada)

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But the thing is Groundspeak really isn't limiting anything. The free app is better (imo) now than before when it was just 3 geocaches. Everybody still has the same access and benifits on the website. Same with using other apps, and using a GPS.


They are simply moving to a one app system (although slightly different than before) so you want to upgrade? Great you get to use the same app as you started with. They way I look at it is that it is just another benefit to having premium membership.


They are in no way limiting you. The limits of a basic membership and the app only apply to that specific app. It's your choice not to use a gps or other app if I buy a sedan instead of a sports car it's not the car company limiting me, it's my choice limiting me. It's the exact same thing. And since Groundspeak is a bussiness they need to make money. The don't have to provide anything at all for free.

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I get what you're saying but i'm still concerned that this is going to stop a lot of users from finding great caches. This new app is partly to teach new geocachers about the game (they have a lot of helpful little videos) but how will a tutorial about a multi help if you can't actually find a multi? If you want to grow the business and get more geocachers pumped to sign up for the great features the premium membership brings, why limit them to only 1.5/1.5 traditionals? (most caches in forests are at least a 2 terrain) Lets face it most of the newbies aren't going to have a GPS because they are still trying the game out to see if they like it and wont know if any other apps are good. Plus in the city a handheld GPS is more prone to signal bounce than cellphones.


I just think this arbitrary 1.5/1.5 traditional only rule isn't a good idea and is going to turn more users (especially newbies) off than it will get people to upgrade to premium. Premium has tons of amazing features to attract users in it's own right they don't need to force them.

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I just think this arbitrary 1.5/1.5 traditional only rule isn't a good idea and is going to turn more users (especially newbies) off than it will get people to upgrade to premium. Premium has tons of amazing features to attract users in it's own right they don't need to force them.

The free Intro app , with its 1.5/1.5 limitation has been available since '13 or so.

I believe more came to this hobby because of it, not less.

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It is ONLY INSIDE teh apps thet there is a limitation.. the APP is FREE, and if you use a free account you can start right away...

IF that is not enought for you Geo FIX, then that means you now have 2 options... you can use a GPS log on teh site transfert the geocaches you want, ( or even take note printe page etc...) you have access to ALL non premium caches...

Option 2 , you Buy a premium memship 30Day to try it further, or a year long membership... to have access to ALL caches in the FREE app. even Premium Ones, possibility to have automated caches lists (pockey querry) external apps can also connect to the site (Live API) can even cache OFFLINE with many....


Is the APP a way to mahe people fork some money to help support you hobby.... YES ... is that a good tool YES.


but you can still use your car GPS ( in coordinate view) and a piece of paper with noted coord liek we did almost 15 years ago for free.... but the site had great improvement with online list, maps, etc paid by member who decided to support the hobby... then YES you may have to pay a bit to have MORE than the FREE APPS.


But you will have much more for a reasonable price ;)

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As others have mentioned Groundspeak is a business and the app in basic mode is a taster. They get the chance to go out and find a few then if they want to see what the ones behind the greyed out they must either pay to upgrade or start visiting the website.

Don't forget that a basic user on that app pays nothing. They do not contribute to Groundspeak at all.

Which means nothing is going towards keeping the servers going, paying wages to the staff that support the Web page.


Think of the tadpoles!

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They say it's the way to learn the hobby.

Please note that difficult multis or sophisticated hides are no way good way to learn geocaching, they are the best way to get frustrated and quit.

The cache with difficulty 1.5 shouldn't be more than trivial to find, once the youngling get into hobby, he/she can try something harder.

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Premium has tons of amazing features to attract users in it's own right they don't need to force them.


Just a question, but are you confusing PMO caches that are set by the cache owner for Premium Members Only with just basic traditional geocaches with more than a 1.5 D/T rating.


Seems using the word premium on the app has caused some confusion as to what a premium cache is. :unsure:

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I think the limitation to trad 1.5/1.5 may very well drive new cachers away after a short time because they get bored by what are basically easy, brainless caches.

The people who continue to use "the" app and do not quit may in turn place the same easy, brainless caches because that's all they ever saw. So, not a good idea.


Getting one of the API partner apps is the way to go as the only restriction then is not seeing PM caches.

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It's audacious. I've spent the past few months saving up my GooglePlay dollars to buy the $11.99 app, so I could use the official interface to geocache. Now I find out, rather than paying $12 bucks (in Canada) to buy the app, I need to actually pay a yearly membership?


That's ridiculous. I can use C:Geo to see all the apps that aren't rated premium. I wanted to support the community, and I thought paying a one time - extremely high - app fee would do it. But now they want to take money every single year?


No thanks. I'll keep using c:Geo for free. If a company is willing to cut off people who have supported them, that's their choice.


There are a lot of people saying that there are other options. And there are. Using a free app is one of them. But why the official app wouldn't let you do as much as free apps is beyond me. Give people all the standard caches, and make them want to pay for premium. At this rate, they'll just use apps that don't even mention the premium caches, so there will never be an incentive to upgrade.


I'm sure they think they know what they're doing - but it cost them one app purchase at least.

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