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Geocache app works fine.

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I am brand new to geocaching and to using the geocache app but it worked fine for me my first time out. I have never used the previous version of the app so I have nothing to compare it to but I do like how the geocache app works. I downloaded it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone a few days ago. To use like the hybrid setting as it shows names of streets plus what the building and terrain look like in the area I am in. I exit out of the app travel to the cache site, bring the app back up and select start to see how many feet I am from the cache site then attempt to locate the geocache from there by walking around the area where the cache is hidden. On my very first time out of the 6 sites I visited I found 4 geocache's. To log the cache I select the Log Geocache option, select Found It. I also type Found It and edit my log entry when I return home from my lap top. If I do not find it I select the DNF and edit my entry when I return home.


In reading some of the posts about people having problem with the app, while it could be something in the settings it could also be an issue with your device. It can be anything from your OS version to your device itself, it may be time for an upgrade, you may need to find out how backwards compatible the geocache app is with device models and OS versions. There could also be other things loaded on your device that can affect the way other apps work.


I am a basic user/subscriber who makes sure his OS is up to date and there is nothing that can affect or conflict with how apps work and run on my device.

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Although I'm a GPS-cacher and not an app cacher I did install this new Geocaching® app and played with it to understand the way it works and to write a manual for us Dutch speaking geocachers (it's almost done and on my website).


I must say that the app works indeed just fine, regarding the countless complains about it. People say that it's slow but I don't have any problems with the speed of the app loading the geocaches on the location I am present. Some people say that no geocaches at all get loaded??? No problems here. Some people say that the offline lists are gone again??? No problem here.


So ... I just wanted to say that HQ is doing their bests to give us a FREE geocaching app with lots of possibilities and they also already told us that this is not the end. They will implement more things in time. Please ... Geocaching® app users ... be patient and all will be fine. bad_boy_animated.gif

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I think most of the complaints of the new app are based on comparisons to other apps, including the Classic (paid) app. Cachers that paid for that app have been told that the new (free) app is a replacement of the paid app, but much of the paid app's functionality is not in the new/free app.


The Geocaching-R free app also lacks functionality that other free geocaching apps have.

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