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Selling Question

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Hey all


I am in the process of selling some of my geocoins on ebay and had a question. If you have a set of coins (5th anniversary compass) is it better to list them as a set or individually. I have several sets and wanted to get an idea of how to go about selling them most efficiently

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I completely disagree -- sell them separately for several reasons. First of all not everyone wants the entire set. They may only like one or two. If you list as a set those people won't bother bidding. If you list as a set the price could be out of people's price range. If you list separately they can pick and choose which ones to bid on. If listed separately and someone wants the entire set they can bid on all of them. Offer combined shipping and if they win all it could be the same as listed as a set. Because of the lower initial price with separate listings you will get more lookers and watchers. Also if you list separately you could get more money in the end than as a set.

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