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Map Icons need work

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I have to say first that I'm really trying to like the new app, I really am. But it's not going well. I get that there are still missing features, and I have faith that they will be added.

But in my opinion the new UI is just a big step backwards. I'll just mention the maps view:


- The icon showing your current location is exactly the same size, shape, and color as the icon for a mystery cache. Sure, the location icon animates a bit, but then you have to stare at your screen for a few seconds to tell the difference.


- The green color of the new icons is so close to the color of grass and trees, in satellite views you can't easily see the icon, especially if there is sunlight anywhere near your screen, which does happen when I'm outdoors, you know, Geocaching.


- The icons now have a grey border, which is the same color as roads and trails in the satellite views. It also serves to make the icon blend in well to the map. Like camouflage. These icons should not be hidden, like actual geocaches are.


- Even my found caches now have smiles that are subtle, almost sadly subtle, like they're a bit embarrassed to have been found.


The old icons were bright and vibrant, and clear. The new icons make me work too hard to see.


Happy Icons


Sad Icons

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