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Best of - South Jersey / Philly Caches

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OK Pinies, usually the North Jersey folks chime in with list of must do caches, but now's your chance.

With the recent addition of so many prolific cache hiders, and host to four or five of NJ's super cache finders. Let us know which caches stick out as the most memorable!


My short-list, based on limited experience is:

Sand Traps #2 "Ski's Revenge" and the companion Recycled Bridge cache.

Locomotive Breath don't forget the other old abandoned RR caches.

Children of the Pines, pretty funny!

Scooby Doo - Monopoly Fun-filled day adventure.

Pay that toll, Joelsd might as well include the other Allaire caches too.


Those that have pasted on.

Monmouth Battlefield Troop Movements

Pennys on the tracks


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Fro and I had the honor of being the last finders ever on the Monmouth Battlefield Troop Movement Cache and we collected all the stages for the owner. As you stand on the hill overlooking the battlefield you can really get a sense of what happened down in those fields.

So this was my favorite cache of the ones you listed.


Some other considerations:


If you love crazy micros in public places Lavarock is your man.


Braintwisting micros in the pines is Moose-Is-Loose's forte


Rumor has it that someone (not me) has been working on hiding a multicache all summer and it may or may not require the use of night vision gear, a canoe, and scuba gear to find it.

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South Jersey Must-Do



This is a nice little multi on beautiful trails. These are the kinds of trails that are needed everywhere.


World's First all Recycled Bridge

I am not certain this cache is in the same condition it was when it was first hidden. B4 it was picked over, it was the most mind-numbing find I think I have had.


Cape May Point Lighthouse Trek

My old stomping grounds. Not so much a great cache, but with 119 logs, I guess it's a must-do.


Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Apparently part one is currently missing. So close, yet so far. icon_wink.gif


Nash's Cabin

An easy drive up if you have the vehicle. What a fun drive!



One of the more challenging adventures I have had.


Let's face it, any cache that takes one into the Pines or onto the beach is a good cache. There are many caches that meet those criteria.

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