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Log Time Error / Horizontal View

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I just used the new app for the first time and did Ok with it but there was a problem with the times given to my logs. Immediately after submitting the log, it told me I had logged the cache 7 hours ago. Unfortunately I also made a mistake by logging the cache as found when we couldn't find it. Really disappointed to find that I couldn't edit the log I had just submitted in either app so I was forced to do so on the PC when I got home (30 mins later). Now the app says I submitted the log 4 hours ago when in fact, the two submissions were 30 mins apart. Something isn't working there. I'm in the UK and my preferences all appear to be set correctly.


The only other immediate feedback I have is that it's really annoying that the app won't rotate to horizontal view. I use my phone as a satnav in my car and horizontal view is a must on a big screen phone. Other than that, the app is fairly basic but it does the job.

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